Distracted with Cockroaches? Here are Some Tips!

February 27, 2013

Cockroaches are some of the most common insects or pests that we usually see in our homes. Sometimes we used to see those pests roaming around especially in the kitchen area where foods are cooked. And in spite of them being so common in our eyes, dangers follow them that they could cause harmful diseases to us. Eliminating them totally is really an impossible thing to do, but we can repel them and keep them at bay through natural methods that we can do ourselves. Here are some good pest control tips on how to deal with those insects:

1. First, figuring out where they come from is the very basic yet so effective way that will enable us to block their passage to our house. Check for cracks or holes throughout your house that may be the entry and exit point of cockroaches. You can either spray it with pesticide sprays or just simply cover it.

2. Another good tip is to bait them with poisonous foods. How is that possible? You just have to prepare something where you will place your foods like box, plates, etc. Then put a little pesticide or killing chemicals to the food. Remember to put only a small portion to avoid the poison being smelled by cockroaches.

After they eat those food, they will get back to their lair. Chances are high that if they die the toxic may spread throughout their lair and might possibly kill them all.

3. Of course, you need to keep your house and surroundings clean. Cockroaches eats from garbage and dirty things. So cleaning your house will not give them places to breed and multiply. Hiring a pest control company is not really necessary unless the infestation pressure is too high.