Identifying Little Home Terrorists

February 27, 2013

Engaging in a battle without knowing your true enemies is like a big suicidal move. In combating against pests, we should really know what they are, where they come from, and what they can do. These things are important because those things will serve as your guide in order to free your house from pests.

1. Rats – member of superfamily Muroidea, rats are medium-sized and have usually long tails rodents. These animals are not really harmful to humans but could be a big threat to our houses because they can eat whatever they want. They have very strong jaw and teeth that could bite and eat even hard woods and plastics.

2. Termite – This is one of the most common pests that you can see inside your house. They look like ants but you can easily determine them through their color. Seeing termites is really a bad news for your house because sooner or later they could rapidly multiply and make your home their empire.

3. Cockroach – Cockroaches have many different species. But almost all of them acquire the same attributes – disease carrier. They are color brown insects that can easily be identified when you see them roaming around. They can’t really bring disaster to your home’s foundation but the fact that they carry diseases is really a bad news.

4. Ant – Ants are look like termites but they can’t penetrate through woods and can’t harm your home’s foundations. But these insects are so annoying because they can track left-over foods and definitely infest them. They usually live within cracks and holes.