Knowing What Attracts Pests

March 13, 2013

Pests are not just invading homes for nothing. Most often they are attracted to something and that leads them to enter residential properties causing lots of structural and health problems. You can’t be so sure if you are protected from these invasive and destructive creatures unless you know the things that can attract them. And knowing what attracts pests will enable us to prevent them from invading our surroundings.

Many studies have shown that lights attract mosquitoes and other insects. At some point, this theory is true as many of us experienced swarms of insects flying near our lights. But not all lights attract pests. Studies also shown that Yellow “Bug lights”, sodium lights, and LED lights won’t attract pests especially mosquitoes. This is because mosquitoes tend to go to darker environments anyway. Houseflies, meanwhile are normally drawn to bright lights, so usually they are the most caught in light traps.

Garbage attracts flies. Uncovered trash cans will surely attract flies in your home and can spread throughout the house. This can cause diseases such as Diarrhea, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and cholera. Make sure all trash cans are covered and garbage are thrown properly.

Stagnant waters or slow moving waters attract mosquitoes. In order to drive mosquitoes away, make sure that all waters containers are covered or make sure that all unused items that may collect water are always drained properly.

Ants are attracted on food crumbs, sinks, dirty dishes, on other source of trash especially in the kitchen. Make sure that the kitchen is properly sanitized to avoid ants.

Pile of woods in backyards near houses are good gateways for termites. Once these destructive insects have entered a property, it is already very difficult stopping them from penetrating and invading your house. Since they eat from underneath, the structural problems and costly renovations they cause are immense. Make sure that unused woods are properly stocked or the best is to avoid dumping woods.

ll in all, make sure that the surroundings are clean. These pest control methods are effective if done right. And it is always important to note that professional pest control may already be needed on some occasions for households. For more complex environments like larger establishments, professional pest control services is always a most practical option.