Termite Remedies from PixaCompany

February 27, 2013

Termites are considered as the best architects and engineers of all time. Experts say that they are living in the planet for hundreds of millions of years constructing their lairs without using any technologies. However, their innovative skills in building empires bring disasters to our homes because they can penetrate even to the hardest wood you use in your home. So to deal with this pest, Pixacompany comes up with a termite control tips that that you can apply yourself:

1. Look for weak spots in your house. These weak spots could possibly be the entry point of termites because they will not spend too much time digging on hard woods and walls to enter your house. plumbing penetrations, settlement cracks in concrete foundations, front entry doors and around garage openings where a door accesses a crawl space are some possible spots where termites can penetrate.

2. Don’t ever try to stock a pile of woods near your home’s foundation especially if it is near the soil. That is the best place for termites to live and you are actually giving them the fastest way to enter your house.

3. Termite control systems are used all over the world to prevent termites from entering a certain structure. For long term effect, these equipment can protect you from these pest especially if your structure is made with a large portion of woods.

PixaCompany is the only termite control company in the Philippines that offers the most advanced termite control system. The TermX Replenishment System is widely used in Australia and now it is available in the Philippines through PixaCompany.