TermX Replenishment System Overview

February 26, 2013

TermX Replenishment System is one of the most advanced termite killing systems in Australia which has withstood lots of testing and is proven to provide long-term termite management and prevention.

What is TermX Replenishment System? It is a designed pipe system that is used to apply chemical against termites under soil. This will create a strong barrier against termites (given that the termicides are used).

This system is exclusively designed to deliver chemical as a preventative measure against termites. It is installed by a licensed TermX installer. It can be installed around or underneath a structure. The chemical is pumped out of the pipes to create a protection for your structure.

Recommendations are often given by the installer on how often the system needs to be loaded with chemicals depending on the termite pressure in your area and the type of chemical that will be used.

Upon installation, it can be used immediately for quick treatment application in order to protect your structure and most valuable assets.

Here in the Philippines, PIXA Company is the exclusive partner and only certified installer of the TermX Replenishment System for termite control in the country.