Pest Control Services


Why we need PIXA ALLER-X:

  • Dust Mites feed on human skin scales, pollen, bacterial and fungal spores and are embedded in our pillows, duvets, beds, sofas, carpets, etc.
  • They do not bite but their dreadful faeces contain potent allergens that cause Asthma, Rhinitis, even Eczema or cause those annoying itches and sneezes!
  • Because they are microscopic in size, they are not removed by even the most zealous cleaning methods.
  • Dust Mites populate faster in our humid and warm climate.

The PIXA ALLER-X Service:

  • Uses a powerful two-stage filtration combination vacuum system that fully traps dirt, dust, other particles and odour with the power of Water.
  • Purifies and sanitizes even the air you breathe for 100% health protection.
  • Refreshes your pillows and cushions to remove dusty and stale air.
  • Powerful removal of surface to airborne particles — from pet hair, Bed Bugs and even clinging dust from walls or any crevice.
  • Packaged with the PIXA INSECT-X service that will ensure any left-over bug is killed.


The distinction of the PIXA Pest Management Solutions over usual and traditional pest control operators is our uniquely customized Integrated Pest Management Solutions.

The following pest control service programs will give you higher standards and true pest-worry-free conditions whether in commercial, industrial, residential or even entire communities or environments.

    This service package offers the best value to homeowners and all other establishments for the control of household insects pests such as Cockroaches, Flies and Mosquitoes; Rodents; and Structural Pests such as Termites and Wood Borers, etc.
  • IPM-Based PIXA Insect-X:
    Package specific to control of crawling and flying insect pests.
  • IPM-Based PIXA Rat-X:
    Contract-based program for a more thorough and long-term rat control based on strict post-monitoring and baiting cycle systems.
  • PIXA Wood-PRO:
    Protection of wood and control of wood-infesting insect pests such as Drywood Termites, Powder-post Beetles, etc. as well as Decay and Stain-Causing Fungi.
  • PIXA Community Vector Management Program:
    Expertly programmed community-wide vector control programs for dramatic and sustained control as well as prevention methods against medically-important diseases such as Dengue.
  • PIXA D-ToX:
    A Disinfection Program meant to also control the unseen microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. to completely render environments especially medical establishments and food processing establishments contamination and infection-free.
  • PIXA Barrier-PRO:
    Only PIXA Co. offers this IPM-based, combination of education and construction/gadget installation technology that is meant to complement and further sustain ongoing Pest Management Programs in establishments.
  • In-House Pest Management Set-Up and Retainer Program:
    This unique consultancy-type service program provides basic to intermediate education on pest management to enable establishments to implement their own pest control system. The key component of this service is the Retainer package that will help ensure the Client efforts are technically sustained and continuously reinforced with various methodologies on results assessments and other relevant aspects of pest management.


    • PIXA-TERMX, Standard or IPM-Based:
      Internationally-compliant Termite Management systems for both pre-construction and post-construction management of Subterranean Termites to avoid costly repairs and renovation of structures due to termite damage.


      • Sentricon® Accredited Applicator
      • Ceptiva® Accredited Applicator
      • Premise SC® Applicator, Backed by Bayer®
    • PIXA TermX Replenishment System (PIXA TRS)
      – PIXA is the exclusive and only accredited Installer of Australia’s No. 1 Termiticide Replenishment System. The PIXA TRS is the only High-Pressure Charging System for maximum spread and soil coverage and can be installed for New and Existing Structures.

Pests and You


Rodents are one of the most economically and medically important pest around the world. They can disrupt business and production, ruin and contaminate tons of food, even cause fires as they gnaw on practically anything chewable. Medically, they are vectors of many deadly diseases that affect both man and animals. In animal farms, they can be carriers of various disease organisms that can decimate animals populations with gross financial losses. In commercial and hospitality establishments the mere sight of rats can drive sought-after guests and customers away. With such threat to man, property and financial resources, only a well-programmed professional rodent control is the answer.


When you see the tell-tale signs of termite damage, this means they had been eating on your establishment 24/7 for months at the very least! Termites are one of the most financially-distressing structural pests because when their presence is felt it is usually when destruction to the structure has very well progressed, and this also mean renovation costs. Managing termites and their colonies are best dealt with professional application technologies. PIXA Co. offers one of the widest array of structural pest solutions for subterranean and drywood termites alike. Aside from various termiticide systems that we implement based on the best technical solution, PIXA is the exclusive distributor and installer of Australia’s No.1 Termite Replenishment System. Now you finally will get these destructive pests out of your house for good! Call us before termites burp on the last inch of your establishment.



Sleazy, dirty, smelly… and mercilessly difficult to control. Like rats, cockroaches are absolutely the bane of all types of establishments. They just don’t seem to run out, and in all shapes and sizes, too. Don’t let these creepy crawlies ruin your food, your health and your reputation. We’ll help you smack them all out of their tricky hiding places!




antThey may look so ordinary, but just like any crawling insect, they are health problems as can transfer disease-causing organisms. And depending on the pesky species that may be infesting your establishment they can either bite to cause discomfort or feed on your wood, electrical and phone lines, clothes, etc. Now who said ants are not something to worry about?

Mosquitoes, Flies

We all know we have dry and wet seasons. And with our naturally humid weather, some unkempt surroundings which normally come with the usual mix of garbage and stagnant water, is just the perfect environment for these unhygienic and disease-causing insects to thrive, prosper and wreak havoc. As the local health department has declared many times, indiscriminate control methods just will not work. PIXA Co. designs and implements systematic and well-programmed vector control approaches for more sustained and reliable results.